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Our Goal Is Total Transparency and Full Accountability.

This Raffle is being conducted by a fully recognized 501(C)(3) charity. All profits will go to support worthy causes!

Photographs taken while on actual deployments to disasters zones. This Raffle is all about helping others!

This seems too good to be true!

Who do the proceeds benefit?

Where is the Scottish Island Dream Estate located?

What can I do with the property if I win?

Are there any liens or debt on the Scottish Island Dream Estate?

What if I'm from a different country? 

Can I buy in another currency? 

How will I receive my tickets?

What if I change my mind after buying a ticket?

How will the winner be notified?

Who can enter the raffle or buy a ticket?

How many tickets will you sell?

Is my raffle ticket purchase tax deductible?

How will drawings be completed?

What if I don't like the property? Is there a cash-prize alternative?

Where can I find the results of a raffle?

Are there terms and conditions?

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